INTERVIEW An interview with Dr Glen Davis with Susan Birch, The Health Detective

This was a long overdue interview, but worth the wait. Dr Glen Davis is a well-known GP for his work in reversing type-2 diabetes in his patients with a properly formulated ketogenic diet. He was awarded GP of the year in 2021 for this work.

During this episode we talk about the struggles of the NZ healthcare system, the need for lifestyle medicine and how this may look in a modern GP practice.

Dr Davis provides a beautiful explanation of cholesterol and the impact that all carbohydrates (not just added sugar) have on the quality of our LDL and other proteins in the body. He talks about fat in the diet and how the different quality fats impact on our health. We also talk about the benefits of fasting and how to individual fasting for different situations.

I’m looking forward to having Dr Davis back soon for a Q and A where he can answer all your questions.

We both hope you enjoy this episode and will share it widely with your friends and family. I hope you will also share it with your own GP.

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