[The Health Made Simple Series] Episode 3 – Fasting – with Susan Birch and Tiaan de Klerk

The Health Made Simple Series
In this series Tiaan de Klerk talks to the Health Detective – Susan Birch about a range of health topics.

Episode 3 – Fasting

In this episode, Tiaan and Susan dive into the topic of fasting. Fasting has become a new technique for managing weight, and it’s said to have various health benefits.

Join Tiaan and Susan as they take you through the history of fasting and what the science has revealed. They’ll chat about the different fasting methods and whether it aids in weight loss and enhances our energy and focus.

They’ll also talk about the potential risks of fasting and share insights on how to end a fast. If you’re curious about fasting’s potential impact on your health, this episode will provide a clear and simple understanding of the concept.

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