[INTERVIEW] An interview with Dr Louise Phillips with Susan Birch, The Health Detective

I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Dr Louise Phillips today.

We have a lot in common with our desire to provide high-quality nutrition education that makes a difference in people’s lives.

I’m delighted to share Dr Phillips’s work. She has developed a unique tool for GPs, specialists and nutrition educators to use in their practice. As a busy GP, Senior Lecturer with the University of Queensland and Supervisor of registrars, she’s in an ideal position to understand the needs of her colleagues and their patients.

GPs frequently face criticism, including from me. Dr Phillips and I discuss several challenges they encounter within time-limited practices, adhering to best practice guidelines for drug prescription and limited testing resources. It’s a complex situation. Dr Phillips’ Low Carb Scripts tool provides an exceptional resource, enabling GPs to seamlessly integrate evidence-based, low-carb nutrition into their practices. The tool features ready-to-use videos, comprehensive handouts, and other resources, simplifying the process for patients to comprehend and adhere to. Additionally, it offers guidelines for the de-prescription of diabetes medications.

I talk with Dr Phillips about the transformations she observes in her patients’ health and discuss how a low-carb approach helps in weight loss and managing chronic diseases.

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You can find Dr Phillips at:

Website: www.lowcarbscripts.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/louise-s-phillips

More about Dr Louise Phillips

Dr Louise Phillips (MBBS hons 1, FRACGP) is an Australian General Practitioner who loves teaching health professionals about low carbohydrate diets to improve the health of their patients. Having observed a large discrepancy between the amount of time and energy doctors’ have available to study, and the enormous volume of scientific literature that is available (alongside a lot of incorrect Pharma and Big Food sponsored guidelines) she has developed succinct, practical resources for doctors (and other health professionals) which teach them how to provide helpful nutritional advice, in standard consultation time, thru her online learning platform Low Carb Scripts.

She is a Certified Medical Practitioner and Lecturer with the Nutrition Network, a Senior Lecturer with the University of Queensland (Primary Care), and trains GP registrars in her role as a GP Supervisor and Clinical Teacher with the RACGP. She is also on the Scientific Committee for the Australasian Metabolic Health Society which is creating metabolic guidelines for this region, and delivering in-person workshops to health professionals (commencing in February 2024).

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