[INTERVIEW] An interview with Dr Valarie Evans with Susan Birch, The Health Detective

Today, I sat down with Dr Valarie Evans, a behavioural analyst, to discuss integrating behavioural psychology with weight loss strategies. Valarie applies her training to help with conditions such as autism, addiction and eating disorders.

In this podcast, we explore the obstacles to changing behaviours, the concept of “rule-breaking” to achieve better outcomes, and the overall aim of enhancing daily life rather than just focusing on weight loss. Valarie has developed an app called “No Weigh” to help people implement healthy habits. She emphasises replacing traditional restrictive diets and calorie counting with behavioural change to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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You can find Dr Evans at;

App (iOS and Android): https://noweigh.com/app

Website: http://noweigh.com/

Facebook: @no_weigh_app or https://www.facebook.com/noweighapp/about

Instagram: @noweighapp or https://www.instagram.com/noweighapp/

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