[The Health Made Simple Series] Episode 6 – All About Seed Oils -with Susan Birch & Tiaan de Klerk

Join the Health Detective on our latest podcast episode. Tiaan and Susan delve into the world of vegetable oils, explaining the differences between seed and fruit oils and their impacts on our health.

We discuss how excessive linoleic acid from seed oils is associated with various health issues and unpack why current dietary guidelines promote these oils over saturated fats.

Discover how an excess intake of omega-6 fats can fuel inflammation, disrupt mitochondrial function, and potentially interfere with the P53 tumour suppressor gene, a key player in preventing cancer. Please tune in for a deep dive into the vegetable oils that are included in many of our modern foods and how they shape our health.

In the next episode, we are going to look at the pros and cons of blood testing, the most useful tests to order, and how we can use results to help improve our nutrition and health.

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