[INTERVIEW] An interview with Dr Estrelita van Rensburg with Susan Birch, The Health Detective

In this enlightening podcast episode with Dr Estrelita van Rensburg, we delved into an alternate theory that challenges conventional views on hormone disruption as the primary cause of menopause in women and andropause in men.

With her extensive research and clinical experience, Dr van Rensburg shared insights into how lifestyle factors, particularly diet, might play a more significant role in the onset and intensity of these conditions than previously understood.

Throughout our discussion, Dr van Rensburg emphasised the impact of modern dietary habits and lifestyle on hormonal balance, suggesting that the symptoms commonly attributed to menopause and andropause could also be significantly influenced by these external factors. She presented evidence supporting the idea that adjustments in nutrition and lifestyle could mitigate, or even reverse, some of the symptoms traditionally linked to hormonal changes as we age.

This episode is the first of a two-part series. We kick off discussing menopause, but the discussion is equally important for men facing andropause-related issues like declining testosterone levels, increased belly fat, and altered body composition.

In the next episode, we’ll dive more into the risks associated with hormonally driven cancers, evaluate the effectiveness of hormone testing and scrutinise the claims about HRT and its effect on our health.

Your experiences and perspectives are invaluable in this discussion; we’re eager to hear them. Please share your HRT experiences, what has worked or not worked for you, and any other strategies that have helped you.

We look forward to addressing your questions in the upcoming episode. If please email me at susan@susanbirch.co.nz with any comments or questions.

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Dr Rensburg is a medical doctor and virologist, who is familiar with deciphering complex science. She worked for a drug company for many years, providing a unique insight into how drugs are used to manage symptoms, rather than diet and lifestyle to treat the root cause of disease. She also has an interest in evolutionary nutrition and environmental issues.

Online programme:

You can buy Dr Estrelita’s co-authored books here:

Eat well or Die Slowly:

Eat Your Way to Health: Recipes for success


Dr Estrelita de Rensburg: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-estrelita-janse-van-rensburg-2726a935/

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