[INTERVIEW] An interview with Sara Pugh with Susan Birch, The Health Detective – Quantum Metabolic Therapy

I’m excited to bring you this conversation with Dr Sara Pugh about Quantum Metabolic Therapy.

Not only does Sara add being 50% Kiwi to her credentials, but she also brings a wealth of knowledge with her extensive background in biochemistry and genetics. Her PhD in molecular mechanisms, where she delved into protein folding in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases, and her work as a Post-Doctoral Researcher on heart muscle cells, cholesterol, and statins are just a few examples of her expertise. She has also published numerous peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals and is dedicated to training doctors and therapists, instilling in them a deeper understanding of biochemistry and neurology.

You may need to listen to this podcast a couple of times. We discuss the role of mitochondria in our health and the impact of light exposure on their function. We also talk about the effects of deuterium and the role of metabolic water and magnetism on our health. Sara then walks us through an example of using a quantum metabolic approach to improve health. She highlights simple, cost-free strategies to enhance energy, sleep, and mindset.

I highly recommend checking out Sara’s website, which has free introductory courses and explains the mechanisms she mentioned today. If you’re doing everything you can with nutrition and exercise but are still struggling to lose weight or reach your goals, implementing quantum metabolic therapy may be the missing link.


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