What your cholesterol test is really telling you.

In Part 2 of my interview with Bart Kay (listen to Part 1 here), we discuss why many of us are confused about cholesterol, its role in our lives and why there is a need for better information to enable us all to make informed decisions for ourselves.

Cholesterol is essential for life. If we don’t have cholesterol we will die. However, when we receive what’s considered to be a ‘bad’ cholesterol test result it can send us into a spin because of a lack of knowledge about what those test results really mean and what your GP isn’t explaining to you.

This interview is worth an hour of your time, particularly if you have had a high cholesterol result and you have been asked to consider drugs to lower it. You can find out more about Bart and his work at Nutrition Science Watchdog.

Susan Birch - The Health DetectiveSusan Birch is an expert in the field of nutrition and specialises in cholesterol and diabetes. She works alongside clients to uncover the underlying cause of  symptoms so they understand what’s going on and can make confident decisions about their health. She does this by analysing their test results and explaining these in a way they can understand and together decide on what to work on first.

If you’re unsure about a diagnosis and want a trusted supporter by your side, then contact Susan today