INTERVIEW: An interview with Leon and Tamora Bynoe, hosted by Susan Birch

Today I talk with Drs Leon and Tamora Bynoe about their journey from overweight, high blood pressure, achy joints and pulmonary embolism, then back to vibrant full health.

This couple, who have been married for 37 years, are passionate about how the proper human diet allows us to thrive in our modern world. Leon says, “it’s such a shame medicine has conquered so many of the things that killed us in the past, is now killing us with poor advice, based on faulty science”.

He’s talking about the dietary guidelines, meat and fat phobia and the current obsession with plant-based diets.

He’s also talking about the prescription of drugs to treat lifestyle diseases. He knows, he’s an ophthalmologist and Tamora is an anesthesiologist. They have been practising medicine for over 30 years and have seen the decline in health, including their own during this time. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge to help others reverse disease and enjoy the benefits that come with good health.

Leon’s philosophy is to use insulin/inflammation restriction strategies to improve health. This is achieved with a nutrient dense diet that is rich in animal proteins and fats and time restricted eating strategies. Check out his facebook post here.

By understanding the science and what food does in our bodies, we can choose foods that nourish our bodies and brains so we function at our full capacity. Good health is the foundation to living life with energy and clarity so we can fulfill the personal and professional goals we have for ourselves.

I listened in awe as this fabulous couple described how they went from fat and sick to healthy and flourishing. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

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