INTERVIEW: An interview with Linda Hoggard

Linda Hoggard is an international speaker and educator on the role that adult stem cell nutrition plays in helping maintain or restore our health.

Linda is a naturopath with 22 years experience and began using stem cell nutrition 14 years ago, to help with her own health problems. She found this very beneficial and subsequently introduced this into her own practice. She has many testimonials from clients on how these products have changed their lives.

Today, Linda explains what adult stem cells do in the body and how they can help us with healthy aging and improve our body’s natural capacity to heal. Stem cell nutrition works by increasing the release of our own adult stem cells. These are then used by different body tissues to create new cells.This has helped Linda’s clients with a variety of health conditions from gut dysbiosis, cardiovascular problems, neurological issues, fibromyalgia and chronic pain, inflammation, auto-immune conditions and joint and muscular pain.

There is a lot of independent science behind the role of stem cells in our body. They are widely used in medicine and pharmaceutical companies are currently investigating the active ingredients used in these products. There is an independent peer reviewed paper demonstrating that the Cerule product, “Stem Cell Ultra” increases the release of adult stem cells from the bone marrow by up to 25%.

Thanks to Linda for her time and obvious passion for this subject. I hope you enjoy this interview.

If you would like more information or research studies to review, please let me know.

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