INTERVIEW: An interview with Ann Sheybani

Ann Sheybani is not only a survivor, but a thriver. She took the challenges of her childhood and early years to become a successful writer and entrepreneur, founding her own publishing company.

Join us today as Ann talks about the strategies she used to change her life. She grew up in an alcoholic family and got pregnant to escape her family and “catch” her man. They moved to Iran where she struggled with the culture while raising two children.

Following her return to the USA and divorce, she tapped into her intellectual honesty and worked hard on understanding and forgiving herself. She was determined to actualise the potential she knew she had. Each day she makes choices towards the life she knows and deserves. She climbs mountains, runs marathons and sets an example for all of us, of what is possible in our lives, if we dare to dream and take action.

Ann has a wonderful sense of humour and is honest about her challenges and strengths.

I hope you are inspired by Ann, to keep chasing your dreams and living the life you deserve. If you enjoy this podcast, please like and share with friends and family.

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