INTERVIEW: An interview with Sumi Singh

Sumi Singh is an inspiration and a complete bad-ass. She is a solo mum, author, personal trainer, fitness model and record breaking powerlifter.

Today we talk about what it’s like to be a new mum and be confronted with all the body changes, fatigue and never having enough time or energy for yourself. Sometimes it can be decades before we emerge from taking care of everyone else to finally focusing on ourselves. And then it can often feel too hard and too late.

We talk about body image, losing weight, aging, managing our goals and why being fit and strong is so important.

Sumi’s book, “Mom Strong” takes women through the post-baby process of setting goals and reclaiming their bodies while taking care of the kids, work and everyone else.

This book lays out a foundational exercise plan that can be used by women of all ages starting their fitness journey. You can purchase the book here:

You can find her website here:

You can follow her and be inspired at:

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