INTERVIEW: An interview with Brendan Reid – The Fat Ginger Nerd, hosted Susan Birch

I had a lot of fun talking with Brendan Reid and thank him for sharing his very personal story.

Brendan has written a book called “The Fat Ginger Nerd – A Weight Loss Story”. This is the journey of how he lost 50 kg over two years. After a lifetime of being fat, Brendan finally fulfilled the simplest of his dreams – he was normal.

Today we talked about what it was like to be a fat kid, despite doing everything he had been told what to do. Instead of reexamining the advice he was given, Brendan did what so many people do and blamed himself and felt there was something wrong with him and somehow it was his fault. Eventually, Brendan tried something new, a low-carb, high-fat approach and was surprised to find how quickly he lost weight and began to feel better. He has kept this off for 7-years and now enjoys life and is looking forward to what else it holds in store for him.

This is a very powerful and compelling story and I hope you all enjoy the podcast and support Brendan by purchasing his book.

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