INTERVIEW: An interview with Carl Ficks

Carl Ficks has a fascinating story of how he transitioned from a high pressure law career to establishing his company “No Surrender”. Carl went from litigating in the courtroom, to helping other lawyers and professionals to reclaim their wellness. Carl’s mission in life is to be in-service to his family, friends, colleagues and the community, where he leads by example, keeps his word and lives an empathetic, passionate, honest and authentic life.

In our chat today we talked about Carl’s passion for running and cycling and how staying fit helped him perform his best at work. He offers some great tips on how to get started on the wellbeing journey, and staying committed to yourself when under pressure from all your other responsibilities and time is precious.

Carl is one of those really genuine people who is making a difference. He writes regular blogs and is available for speaking engagements.

You can find him at:

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