INTERVIEW: An interview with Dr Anthony Chaffee, hosted by Susan Birch

Many thanks to Dr Anthony Chaffee for his time today. I asked him, why a medical doctor, neurosurgeon resident, with a background in molecular and cellular biology believes that plants are not necessary for good health. Dr Chaffee ate a mostly carnivore diet during his 10 year professional rugby career, and continues to do so today.

Dr Chaffee says, “our current modern diseases aren’t really diseases but the results of toxicity and malnutrition from an inappropriate diet”. We talk about what he believes is the proper human diet and why.

We cover a range of subjects from

· Plant toxins and how they affect bioavailability

· Why we became genetically wired to eat animal foods throughout our evolution

· Why the essential nutrients from these foods are so important and how they differ from what plants provide

Dr Chaffee describes the deterioration in health that occurred during the agricultural revolution and how that continues today. We have evidence showing decreased brain volume, shorter stature, teeth decay and other problems.

Despite the benefits eating animal foods provide for our health, many people believe the environmental and animal welfare concerns outweigh those benefits. This is a topic Dr Chaffee is passionate about. We spend some time discussing the evidence for the role that animals play as an important contributor to maintaining our ecosystem and the health of our planet.

The plant free MD podcast is well worth following.

Dr Chaffee is also available for Functional Medicine consultations using telemedicine.


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