INTERVIEW: An interview with Bitten Jonsson, hosted by Susan Birch – The Health Detective

Bitten is a registered nurse who was first introduced to addition medicine 36 years ago and has been working in area of food addiction and sugar addiction for 27 years ago. As she acknowledged and better understood her own addictions (cigarettes, alcohol and sugar) she began working to help others address their sugar addiction problems and reclaim their health and lives.

We have a far-reaching conversation talking about where addiction starts – at the intersection of how our individual genetics respond to the environment and how sugar is the gateway drug to other addictions.

Bitten explains the important distinctions between social use, harmful use, and addictions. She explains why these need to be managed in very different ways. We also talk about children, whey diet matters and how we can set them up for problems later in life when we don’t understand the difference between a child who likes sugar and one who is addicted; as she was growing up.

This episode is full of very important gems. I love talking with Bitten and learn so much. Her passion, enthusiasm, generosity, and desire to help shine through.

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Contact Information for Bitten Jonsson, Addictions Specialist (SUGAR®/ ADDIS® Cert.)


For health professionals: Bitten Jonsson is a world-renowned trainer of Sugar Addiction Counsellors, with nearly 40 years of experience in addiction medicine and treatment. Based in Sweden, Bitten is a registered nurse, addiction specialist and authorized provider of SUGAR® / ADDIS® diagnostic assessments and training. Her expertise spans the full range of addiction screening and diagnostic assessment to relapse prevention, long-term recovery, holistic addiction medicine, and comprehensive training for professionals. To find out about Bitten’s signature training courses check out these links:

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