INTERVIEW An interview with Jim Stepheson Jnr, hosted by Susan Birch – The Health Detective

Recommendations to supplement with vitamin D and zinc have become standard practice from both allopathic and alternative medicine throughout the Covid pandemic; including from some of the people I respect the most.

As the Health Detective, my job is to look deeper into whether health recommendations are based on evidence rather than speculation. It’s important not to just accept them all at face value without asking questions. Often, as is the case with vitamin D, we find that natural sources from sunshine and food are vital for a healthy functioning body, but the case isn’t so clear about the efficacy of supplementation. The name vitamin D is misleading, because this is a hormone (secosteroid) rather than a vitamin that has profound effects on the regulation of over 2000 genes.

When I began reviewing vitamin D I found conflicting research and the influence of big pharma money behind the recommendations for increased testing and supplementation. Vitamin D, The Sunshine Supplement Has Shadowy Money Behind It.”

During my investigations I came across the work of Jim Stepheson Jnr. Jim has been reviewing vitamin D research for two decades and is one of the most knowledgeable people I could find on vitamin D pathways and the effect of supplementation for our health. I was thrilled that he agreed to this podcast and thank him for his time and sharing a little of his extensive knowledge; and keeping it at a level that we can all understand. This is a very complex subject, and I have so much to learn.

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If you would like to know more about Jim’s work you can find him at:

FaceBook: Secosteroid Hormone D

Jim’s Bio:

My passion for research in the field of vitamin D began because of a family member’s health issues, which included severe osteoporosis at the age of 51. During my quest to help her, she was prescribed 50,000IU of vitamin D, which caused her to continue to decline and get worse. This incident gave me the incentive to start doing deep research on the topic of vitamin D.

My previous occupation in the fisheries industry taught me a lot about researching and writing scientific papers so as a natural progression, I applied that knowledge to my vitamin D research. What I discovered was shocking! The truth was that supplementing vitamin D was causing severe, long-term health issues and that the claimed vitamin D deficiency was a lie and a hoax!

For the past two decades it has been my passion and avocation to keep researching and spreading the word to help people learn about the dangers of supplementing with vitamin D.

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