INTERVIEW An interview with Daniel Ebbett on Light Therapy, with Susan Birch – The Health Detective

This was a great interview with Kiwi entrepreneur Daniel Ebbett.

Daniel’s story is one of struggle with chronic insomnia and migraines.

Despite trying everything he could from allopathic and natural medicine, his health continued to decline leaving him feeling frustrated and helpless. He was struggling to meet the commitments of his corporate job and powerlifting career.

In this episode, Daniel describes his journey from chronically poor health to the return of his energy and vitality. For him, the answers were in his over-exposure to artificial light. He has subsequently become an expert on how light affects our circadian rhythm and health. He says, “health is about light, not food”.

Daniel talks about the different frequencies of natural light, from getting the early morning light in our eyes to set our circadian clocks, to the red glow our ancestors experienced from their fires in the evening. There is growing research about the effects of light on the cell receptors in our body and how we need to match our food to the light environment we live in. When we are eating food grown in the tropics, in the middle of winter, this confuses our cells leading to a mismatch between them and the environment.

Daniel has gone on to develop a company called BlockBlueLight where he provides high quality science-based lighting solutions, all around the world. His website is a mine of good quality information. You can check out it out here:

We both hope you all enjoy this episode and consider the effects of light on your own health. Please subscribe, like and share with any friends and family who may find this helpful.

We both hope you all enjoy this episode and consider the effects of light on your own health.

If you enjoyed this podcast, please subscribe, like and share with anyone who may find it useful. My goal for these podcasts is to bring you a variety of perspectives that may help you on your personal health journey.

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