INTERVIEW An interview with Tracey McBeath, hosted by Susan Birch – The Health Detective

The lovely Tracey McBeath is a health coach from Melbourne. This amazing woman is the mother of 5 and is passionate about helping other women find their way toward better health and a fulfilling life. Not only does she work fulltime in her coaching practice; she has a regular podcast with experts around the world and is currently organising the 2nd women’s health summit for May 2021.

In this podcast Tracey shares her journey. Formerly a teacher, she talks about the impetus to become a personal trainer, setting up her own studio and then transitioning into health and nutrition coaching. She describes own weight loss struggles, eventually losing 15kg and being diagnosed with the autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

As well as weight loss and diets, we also talk about the kinds of challenges and fears we all face when making change in our lives, and the kinds of things that can derail us.

Tracey specialises in working with women who face challenges of all kinds and helps them learn to love and appreciate themselves and not to be afraid of living up to their potential.

It was a real pleasure to talk with Tracey. I loved the chance to turn the spotlight onto her and her wonderful work. Alongside her health coaching she provides online programmes, a private FaceBook group and regular podcasts with experts from around the world.

Original interview March 2021.

Tracey can be found at:




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