[INTERVIEW] An interview with Dr Shahana Alibhai with Susan Birch, The Health Detective

Dr. Shahana Alibhai is an accomplished TEDx speaker, renowned family physician, and an expert in the field of mental health.

I was delighted to talk to her today about why we can struggle so much to take care of ourselves, even when this is something we really want to do.

Dr Shahana shared her personal story of postpartum anxiety and the subsequent shame, denial and mental health challenges she experienced, despite her professional background in cognitive behaviour therapy and mindfulness meditation. She explained what is going on when this happens to us and some strategies we can use to help ourselves recover.

I really enjoyed this interview, and couldn’t believe how quickly the time flew by. I’m looking forward to picking up the conversation in our next podcast.

These are the links to Dr Shahana: www.drshahana.com



LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/shahana-alibhai-rae


Dr. Shahana Alibhai is a TEDx speaker, family physician and mental health expert.

She has worked with a multitude of organizations including the University of British Columbia, Scotiabank and Remax to help the audience gain more clarity into their mental health. Her podcasts are heard internationally and she has volunteered her time through speaking to improve the mental health in developing countries such as Let’s Talk Nepal.

As a lead physician at one of British Columbia’s largest youth health centres, much of Dr. Shahana’s career is focused on those struggling with their mental health.

She has created an innovative program entitled “Think Like a Doc”, where Dr. Shahana volunteers her time to perform outreach in various schools to allow them to play the role of a doctor and in turn learn about their physical and mental health.

Her insights are highly sought after and she’s been featured in multiple major media including CTV and Global. She is best known for her “Emotional Literacy for Better Mental Health” TEDx talk and as a panelist at International Women’s Day.

She has served on the UBC Faculty of Medicine Residency training program and is currently a National accreditor for the College of Canadian Family Physicians.

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